Statement from the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on the Legacy of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

Since we learned of Her Majesty’s passing on September 8, Ontarians have been following the news with deep emotion. The past 12 days have seen people come together to pay tribute to our beloved Queen, and I appreciate the many who have reached out to me personally.  Once more, in death as in life, Her Majesty has brought us together. In Ontario, and across the Commonwealth, we have shared in our grief, but also in our celebration of the remarkable life of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

For seventy years, Her Majesty made tremendous contributions to the quality of our national character and the complexion of civic life in Canada, putting duty before desire and service above self.  In times of war and depressions, global instability, and incessant change, she was a pillar of strength, adaptation and endurance, the embodiment of dignity and commitment to duty.

For most, she has been the only Sovereign we have known. A calm and enduring presence. Indeed, the Queen’s impact will be felt for decades to come, and we might honour her best by following her example of a life of humility, constancy, civility and caring.

It has been a profound privilege – the privilege of a lifetime – to serve as the Queen’s representative in Ontario.

Now, as a new era begins, I join Ontarians in welcoming our new King, His Majesty Charles III, with the very words inscribed on our provincial coat of arms:

Ut incepit fidelis sic permanet– Loyal she began, loyal she remains.