Frequently Asked Questions


Q1.      How long is the mourning period?

  • The period of mourning begins the day after Her Majesty’s passing and ends at sunset on the day of the funeral in the UK. This period of mourning will be observed in the UK, Canada and other Commonwealth countries.
  • For more information on the mourning period and commemorative events in honour of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, please visit ca/commemoration-her-majesty.

Q2.      When will the mourning books be available?

Q3.      What is the rule for half-masting?

  • The flags at Government of Ontario buildings are currently flying at half- The flags will be flown at full-mast on Accession Day, the day on which the accession of the new monarch is proclaimed. Flags will return to half-mast at sunset on Accession Day for the remainder of the mourning period.
  • The Vice-Regal Standard flown at the Lieutenant Governor’s Suite will remain at full-mast. The Vice-Regal Standard denotes the presence of the Lieutenant Governor and it is never flown at half-mast, if the Lieutenant Governor is present.

Q4.   What is appropriate mourning dress?

  • Those in uniform may wear a black armband, and members of the public may choose to dress in black mourning attire.


Transition to The King

Q5.   When will references to The Queen be changed to The King?

  • The Royal Anthem and expression “God Save The King” will be used immediately. Institutions such as The King’s Privy Council for Canada and designations such as King’s Counsel will be known as such from accession going forward, though references would not be changed retroactively or in historical contexts (for example, an esteemed lawyer who died during The Queen’s reign would not be referred to in the new reign as having been a “King’s Counsel”).
  • The name of certain places and institutions like Queen’s Park and Queen’s University will not change. The Queen Elizabeth Way (QEW) is named after Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother (the mother of Elizabeth II) and is thus unaffected.
  • Parts of the Ontario highway system legally designated as The King’s Highway (as they were even during the reign of Elizabeth II) will continue to be known as such.

Q6.      Does the King automatically become Sovereign of Canada?

  • Yes, the King automatically becomes Sovereign of Canada on the passing of the Queen.

Q7.      When will the coronation of the King be held?

  • The date of the coronation will be announced later by Buckingham Palace.

Q8.      When will the King come to Canada?

  • The timing of His Majesty’s first official visit to Canada as Sovereign has not been determined.

Q9.      When will the King appear on Canadian currency?

  • Please contact the Royal Canadian Mint or the Bank of Canada for information about currency.