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The times in which we live have been summed up by so many different words—and each invites us to ask, “How can we cope with change?” and “Where can we find hope and promise for the future?” Every credible answer leads to one concept: sustainability.

One of the ways of understanding this concept is through the prism of the 2030 Agenda of the United Nations.  Member states agreed to 17 Sustainable Development Goals that integrate inclusive economic prosperity, social and cultural cohesion, and environmental stewardship. With each passing day the urgency of finding solutions becomes apparent. Ultimately it will be an holistic approach that will enable us to attain each of the goals effectively —from Gender Equality to Zero Hunger to Climate Action—and build a more sustainable future for all.

The SDGs are applicable world-wide. Each nation has both an obligation and an opportunity to learn from each other. And indeed now is a moment in time to look outward, not inward. All efforts count and indeed individual efforts may have far-reaching effects.  Indigenous ways of knowing, considering the impacts of our decisions on the seven generations that follow can be particularly beneficial.

Throughout Ontario, there are remarkable stories of how people are driving sustainability, at home and around the world. Often they may not actually use the word sustainability but the purpose of these projects and initiatives is to make our communities and our lives more resilient. We are a work in progress – certainly not perfect, but clearly making an attempt.

In my time as Lieutenant Governor, it has been a great privilege to hear about the successes, aspirations and innovative approaches to challenges achieved by many Ontarians.  As Ontario’s unofficial Storyteller-in-Chief, I believe that the more we learn and share stories, the better equipped we will be to understand one another, to develop empathy, to comprehend the impact of our individual decisions and actions and to find our own place in the world.

This place on our website is intended to shed a light on some of our stories. I hope that it will spark conversation and encourage collaboration. May the stories inspire you to think in new ways about what sustainability means and how you might contribute. Please share them widely.

Stories of Sustainability