Official Visits

Visits to Municipalities:

In Canada, we have distinct orders of government: federal, provincial/territorial, and municipal. By our Constitution, each possesses unique responsibilities and is charged with meeting the complex and diverse needs of citizens.

Although both federal, provincial and territorial governments have profound and large-scale roles in our governance, it is the municipal level that, while sometimes forgotten or overshadowed, is actually the order of government closest to people.

Accordingly, the Office of the Lieutenant Governor has prioritized engagement through Official Visits to municipalities across the province, to hear from elected officials and citizens about the achievements, aspirations and challenges each community faces. The diversity in the history, geography and circumstances of each community inspires and offers lessons for Ontarians of all ages.

Visits to First Nations Communities:

In a quote describing the principles of the Haudenosaunee during the unification of the Iroquois Confederacy (featured in Speaking of Democracy) professor, author, and Indigenous rights advocate Oren Lyons explains:

The first principle was peace, the second was equity and justice, and the third one was the power of the good minds. And that’s great power, but it’s a collective power. It doesn’t work unless it’s together.

First Peoples have much to teach non-Indigenous Ontarians about democracy and all that underpins it.

Recognizing the ability of the Crown to foster dialogue, the Lieutenant Governor has had the unique privilege of visiting First Nations communities throughout the province, to listen and to learn – essential activities on the journey of reconciliation.

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