The Honourable Sir John M. Gibson

10th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
September 22, 1908 to September 26, 1914

​Born in 1842 in Toronto, the son of Scottish immigrants, John Morison Gibson was educated at the University of Toronto. In 1860 he joined the provincial militia and was a Wimbledon marksman in 1874. He became a company director and developed a keen interest in music and art. He was a MPP from 1879 to 1905 and held the posts of Provincial Secretary, Commissioner of Crown Lands, and Attorney General. Gibson was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario in 1908, and was knighted in 1912. During his mandate, the new Government House in Chorley Park (now demolished) was completed. Gibson served as Lieutenant Governor until 1914. He was active in many charities, especially the Red Cross and child welfare. He died in Hamilton in 1929.​​