The Honourable Sir George A. Kirkpatrick

7th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
May 30, 1892 to November 18, 1897

Born in 1841 in Kingston, George Kirkpatrick was educated at Trinity College, Dublin. He was called to the bar in 1865 and served as an MP from 1870 to 1892. In 1865, he married Frances Macauley, and after her death, married Isabel Macpherson in 1883. With the death of his father, the member for Frontenac, Kirkpatrick succeeded him in the House of Commons. He served until 1892, when he was appointed Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. During his time in office, Kirkpatrick made a special effort to visit and support the rural areas of the province. He served until 1897, and was knighted the same year. He died in Toronto in 1899.​​