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How should I pronounce Lieutenant Governor?

IPA: /lɛf'tɛnənt/ In Canadian English, one pronounces the first syllable of lieutenant as “left”. This pronunciation is regarded as standard and is typical throughout the Commonwealth.

While the variant /lu'tɛnənt/ (first syllable rhyming with “do”) is heard from time to time, it is regarded by many to be an Americanism and is discouraged. Both pronunciations are attested from the 14th century, though the origins of the difference remain unknown.

What do I call the Lieutenant Governor?

The Lieutenant Governor’s full title is Her Honour the Honourable Elizabeth Dowdeswell.

In conversation, one traditionally addresses the Lieutenant Governor as “Your Honour” initially, and as “Ma’am” in subsequent conversation. It is traditional to refer to the Lieutenant Governor as “Her Honour”.

Recommended terms

The following approved terms are recommended for editors and those writing about the Lieutenant Governor.

English French
Her Honour Son Honneur
the Honourable [or the Hon.] Elizabeth Dowdeswell l’honorable [ou l’hon.] Elizabeth Dowdeswell
(the) Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (la) lieutenante-gouverneure de l’Ontario
(the) 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario (la) 29e lieutenante-gouverneure de l’Ontario
The Queen’s representative (la) représentante de la Reine
Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario Bureau de la lieutenante-gouverneure de l’Ontario
Lieutenant Governor’s Award [+ name of award] Prix du lieutenant-gouverneur [+ nom du prix]
Lieutenant Governor’s Suite appartements du lieutenant-gouverneur

How long is the Lieutenant Governor’s term?

In accordance with the Constitution Act, 1867, Lieutenant Governors serve non-fixed terms of at least five years. A Lieutenant Governor remains in office until his or her successor is sworn in.

Who appoints the Lieutenant Governor?

Lieutenant Governors are selected by the Prime Minister of Canada and are appointed by the Governor General in Council (the Governor General acting on the advice of the federal Cabinet).

What medals does the Lieutenant Governor wear?

Ms. Dowdeswell has received the following honours and accordingly may wear the following medals depending on the occasion:

  • Officer of the Order of Canada (2012), postnominal letters: OC
  • Dame of Justice of the Most Venerable Order of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem (2015)
  • Member of the Order of Ontario (2014), postnominal letters: OOnt
  • Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal (2012)
Insignia of an Officer of the Order of Canada
Insignia of an Officer of the Order of Canada
Insignia of a Dame of Justice of the Order of St John
Insignia of a Dame of Justice of the Order of St John
Insignia of a Member of the Order of Ontario
Insignia of a Member of the Order of Ontario
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal

How can I get a job in the Lieutenant Governor’s Office?

There are currently no job vacancies at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

Employment opportunities may be posted from time to time on the Lieutenant Governor’s website.

Unsolicited résumés are unable to be accepted.

What does the term “Lieutenant Governor in Council” refer to?

The position of the Lieutenant Governor is apolitical. This means that the Lieutenant Governor does not get involved in any political activity, intervene in day-to-day issues and decisions made by Ontario government ministries, or advocate for groups or individuals seeking to change government policy.

The term "Lieutenant Governor in Council" appears in many government documents, such as acts of legislation. Legally, it refers to the Lieutenant Governor acting on and with the advice of the Executive Council or Cabinet. When the Cabinet makes a decision and it has been approved by the Lieutenant Governor, it is said to have been made by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

People wanting the "Lieutenant Governor in Council" to act upon their behalf should instead refer their request to the appropriate Government of Ontario ministry. If you have already tried to resolve the problem with the Government directly, you may wish to consult the Office of the Ombudsman of Ontario. If you choose to write the Lieutenant Governor, Her Honour will forward your letter to the appropriate Minister of the Crown for his or her attention and response.”