Publication: Activity report (April 2019–March 2020)

A yellow cover with the LG crest and the words Activity report (2019-2020)

The Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell took office in September 2014 as the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. This report presents the highlights of her public engagements from April 2019 to March 2020.

Download a PDF version of the report (1.2 MB)

A message from Her Honour

As I write this, the people of Ontario, in common with global citizens everywhere, are facing a crisis virtually unknown to living generations. We are just beginning to understand the lasting impact of COVID-19 on our daily lives, and my thoughts are with everyone who has been affected. Amid the devastating yet necessary slow-down of our lives and livelihoods, the work of the Crown continues, as it must. As I considered how best to support Ontario’s response to the novel coronavirus, I was compelled to look back over the last year. For me, the picture that emerges is one of overwhelming humility, but also optimism that we will get through this together.

Having now been to all 124 of Ontario’s provincial ridings, having had the fortune of being able to meet Ontarians in 115 municipalities (and through 85 official civic visits), and having celebrated with many more communities large and small, I have witnessed uncommon generosity of spirit and exceptional drive for resilience, characteristics which feature prominently in this report.

In addition to serving as an opportunity to recognize and thank the many people and organizations who have welcomed me most warmly over the past year, this report is an exercise in accountability: you deserve to know how I spend my time. This report is illustrative of more than 689 public engagements in 2019-20, and indeed 4,020 engagements since I took office in September 2014. Details of many can be accessed on our website and social media platforms. It has been moving to witness so many Ontarians embrace the sustainability agenda and our province’s eagerness to engage with people and places beyond our borders. So too has it been inspiring to observe a near-universal commitment to strengthening our cherished democratic inheritance.

As we all do our part to envision what a “better normal” will be, I encourage all Ontarians to make their voices heard and to dare to dream of a world that works for everyone. As we make the most of this once-in-a-generation opportunity, I will be sure to share your stories.