Publication: Activity report (April 2017–March 2018)

The Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell took office in September 2014 as the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario. This report presents the highlights of her public engagements from April 2017 to March 2018.

Download a PDF version of the report (1.3 MB)

A message from Her Honour

As the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, I am pleased to present this summary of my public activities of the past year. During 775 engagements across Ontario and internationally, I have been fortunate that thousands of Ontarians have shared with me stories so revealing of our generosity and our desire to help others. They remind us of the obligations and opportunities of being global citizens, engaging with people and places beyond our borders, and of our responsibility to serve as guardians of the resources we have inherited.

The year 2017 marked the 150th anniversary of Confederation and provided myriad opportunities for all Canadians to engage in genuine dialogue about who we are, and wish to be, as a people. I am extraordinarily proud of the contributions that Ontarians have made, and it has been a privilege to recognize those bringing credit to our province: volunteers, who have given so much back to their own communities without any expectation of recognition or reward; scientists and innovators, who demonstrate excellence in solving some of our most intractable problems; visionaries in arts and culture, who creatively remind us of what makes a civilized society; public servants, who quietly and daily provide the services we take for granted; first responders, who keep us safe; members of the Canadian Armed Forces, whose devotion to duty gives evidence of Canada’s commitment to justice and caring around the world; and all who have welcomed immigrants with open minds and open arms.

Last year we also made strides along the path of reconciliation with Indigenous peoples, who have long been stewards of this land, and I know that in the years ahead we can continue to learn together and heal with respect. I hope that this report will provide insight into how Ontarians have risen to meet these and other challenges, and into how well equipped they are to address the unfinished business that remains.