Publication: Activity report (September 2014–March 2016)

The Hon. Elizabeth Dowdeswell took office as the 29th Lieutenant Governor of Ontario on September 23, 2014. This report presents the highlights of the first 18 months of her mandate.

This report covers activities taking place from Her Honour’s first day in office to the end of the 2014–15 fiscal year (concluding March 31), as well as during the entire 2015–16 fiscal year.

Download a PDF version of the report (2.81 MB)

A message from Her Honour

As the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, it is my pleasure to present this activity report of my first 18 months in office. It illustrates a broad range of responsibilities and opportunities to serve the people of Ontario.

At the commencement of my mandate on September 23, 2014, I made a commitment to the people of this province. I said that I wanted to listen to your achievements and aspirations, as well as to your challenges, and elicit your ideas about how to create a more just and sustainable society.

The overwhelming sentiments that have emerged have been of pride and affection for our land, our communities, and each other. We are blessed with an environment of unparalleled and spectacular diversity, rich with life and natural resources that have sustained generations. We are also home to millions of people from all walks of life and corners of the world, living and working in every kind of community, from small and remote, to large and urban. As I have heard (and have said) many times, Ontario has it all. We have much to contribute to the world. Equally, we have much to learn about the world—how to live, work, and trade in it—if we are not to be left behind.

I have been deeply impressed and inspired by the sheer talent and ingenuity of Ontarians. You have shown me what it looks like to be truly dedicated to the health and wellbeing of communities. Your stories deserve to be told, and I will do so. In spite of individual circumstances and shared challenges, Ontarians are constantly seeking to improve the pillars of sustainability: environmental stewardship, inclusive economic prosperity and innovation, and social and cultural inclusion.

It has become clear that the themes of Ontario in the world and sustainability have resonated with Ontarians. I look forward to further exploring these themes with you in the months ahead.

In closing, I would like to thank the many partners, organizations, families, and individuals across the province who have welcomed me so warmly and who have offered their inspiration and support.