Meeting with the Premier and Ms. Wynne

January 31, 2013
Queen’s Park

As is customary in our system of government, Premier Dalton McGuinty met with the Lieutenant Governor to inform His Honour that he was no longer the leader of the political party currently making up the government. As such, Mr. McGuinty formally advised His Honour of his intention to resign as Premier on February 11.

Subsequently, the Lieutenant Governor commissioned Ms. Kathleen Wynne to be Premier-designate and invited her to form a government, which she accepted.

The Lieutenant Governor took to Twitter and Facebook to keep the public aware of the important constitutional role of the Queen’s representative in Ontario.


​The Lieutenant Governor met with the Premier, who formally advised His Honour of his intention to resign. His Honour then commissioned Ms. Kathleen Wynne to form a new government, which she accepted.

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