Lieutenant Governor envelopes

 Special event messages

The Lieutenant Governor supports the development of a strong and cohesive civic culture in Ontario by providing special event messages to organizations marking significant anniversaries, conferences, and other occasions.

What types of events are eligible?​

The Lieutenant Governor is able to consider requests for messages relating to events that are hosted by not-for-profit organizations, that are non-partisan in nature, and that take place in Ontario.

The Lieutenant Governor is unable to consider requests for messages relating to events that are hosted by for-profit organizations or unincorporated associations, that are partisan in nature, or that take place outside Ontario.

As the Lieutenant Governor is non-partisan and apolitical, requests from federal, provincial, or municipal officials, including those made on behalf of constituents, are unable to be accepted.

Request a message

To request a special event message, complete the online form. To ensure that the message will be meaningful and relevant, make sure to answer all questions completely and accurately.

Requests that contain incomplete or incorrect information, or are submitted less than two months in advance of the requested delivery date, may be declined.

If you have any problems with submitting the form online, please send an email with the requested information to Requests are also accepted by mail to:

Office of the Lieutenant Governor of Ontario
(Special event message request)
Queen’s Park
Toronto, Ontario
M7A 1A1

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