Swearing-in of the 26th Premier and Executive Council of Ontario

Swearing-in of the 26th Premier and Executive Council of Ontario

During a ceremony at the Legislative Building at Queen’s Park, the Lieutenant Governor presided over the swearing-in of the Honourable Doug Ford as the 26th Premier of Ontario, and the swearing-in of members of the Executive Council of Ontario. During the ceremony, Her Honour presented the Great Seal of Ontario to the responsible minister, symbolizing the Executive Council’s authority to govern.

Prior to the swearing-in ceremony, the Lieutenant Governor accepted the formal resignation of Kathleen Wynne as Premier of Ontario, whose resignation includes that of all members of the Executive Council. The Lieutenant Governor then received Mr. Ford, who informed her that he had proceeded with Her Honour’s invitation to form Her Majesty’s Government in Ontario and of his intentions for the composition of the Executive Council.

Lieutenant Governor’s remarks

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It is my duty and distinct pleasure to welcome all of you to this important occasion in the life and history of this province.

Mr. Ford, incoming Cabinet ministers, Chief Laforme, distinguished guests, newly elected and re-elected members of the Legislative Assembly, public servants, friends, mes chers amis:

Nous vivons un moment important dans l’histoire de l’Ontario.

And it is appropriate and important that we pause to acknowledge this territory as a traditional gathering place for many Indigenous nations, including the Mississaugas of the Credit. I pay respect to the historic and enduring relationship between the Crown and First Nations, Inuit, and Métis peoples.

We come together to witness a ceremony that in many respects remains unchanged from its origins well before Confederation. It is rooted in the principles of democracy which we value most: citizen participation and the election, by the people, of their representatives.

Cette cérémonie est fondée sur des principes démocratiques qui nous tiennent à cœur : la participation des citoyens et l’élection par le peuple de ses représentants.

Earlier today I accepted the resignation of the Honourable Kathleen Wynne as the 25th Premier of Ontario. I wish to express to her publicly my thanks on behalf of all Ontarians for her more than five years of service as Premier. We wish her and all members of the outgoing government well.

Three weeks ago, I congratulated Mr. Ford on his party’s success in the general election and invited him to form a new government. He accepted my invitation to do so. This morning Mr. Ford has, as Premier-designate, advised me of his intentions for the composition of the Executive Council, which in a few minutes I will formally approve.

As The Queen’s representative in Ontario, I am reminded that it is they, the Executive Councillors and Ministers of the Crown, who advise me on the exercise of my constitutional powers and legal duties. They are in turn responsible and accountable to the Legislative Assembly, and through its members to the people, for their advice.

These abiding and honourable principles, known in Canada as “responsible government”, are at the bedrock of our constitution and are essential to our understanding of how we govern ourselves in this province.

In taking their oaths today, the new Premier and ministers will promise to uphold these principles and to be faithful and bear true allegiance to Her Majesty The Queen, who embodies our constitutional framework.

Among other things, they will promise to be vigilant, diligent, and circumspect in their duties as Executive Councillors, and to deliberate honestly without partiality, fear, or favour. They will promise to fulfil their functions as ministers to the best of their skill and knowledge, mindful of the public trust reposed in them as high officeholders.

Once the oaths have been taken, I will entrust to the responsible minister the Great Seal of Ontario, a symbol of the Executive Council’s authority to govern. Its likeness is carved into the sandstone above the entrance of this majestic building and serves to remind all who pass under it of the dignity of our institutions.

Mr. Ford, incoming ministers: Serving the public is a noble endeavour. There will be moments of joy and satisfaction, yet times of challenge.

May you be sustained by the optimism inherent in your oaths and in the traditions of our parliamentary democracy, as well as by the support and encouragement of family and friends, who proudly join you here today.

I now invite the Secretary of the Cabinet and Clerk of the Executive Council to proceed with the swearing-in of Mr. Doug Ford as the 26th Premier of Ontario and of members of the Executive Council.